Mission Statement

The Edwards Scholarship Fund was established in 1939 by Grace M. Edwards, a lifelong resident of Boston. The Fund seeks to further the development of good citizenship through education by offering scholarships to men and women of good character and ability who are in need of financial assistance. Recipients are asked to contribute to the Fund when their incomes allow. Grace Edwards’ legacy is helping educated citizens help others and your future contribution to the Fund will allow that legacy to live on.




Grace M. Edwards was well-known for her philanthropic activities.  She was particularly interested in education as a means of promoting maturity, intelligence, and good citizenship.  Her educational fund is devoted to Bostonians, with thousands benefitting from her generosity over the decades. 


Scholarships currently average over $2,000 per year.  They are granted for a period of one academic year at a time, renewable for up to six years, as long as eligibility requirements continue to be met.


Students can now apply on-line, and they are encouraged to do so if possible.  If you cannot apply on-line or chose not to, the Application is attached as a PDF.  You can download it, complete it, and mail it to the Edwards Scholarship Fund.


Communication with applicants is done by email.  Applicants need to give us a valid email address, check their email, and update us (info@edwardsfund.org) with any change in address.  Students using a high school email address should make sure that it will work over the summer.


Recipients of the Scholarship live in many neighborhoods that comprise the City of Boston.  They attend a number of different public high schools and charter schools in Boston.  Some participate in the METCO program.  They also attend parochial or private high schools in the City or in other locations. Most students who are awarded the Edwards Scholarship attend a college in Massachusetts, but some attend fout-of-state colleges and universities.  All share in the commitment to make the world a better place.


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