Application Instructions for First-time Applicants


First-time Application Instructions -- Application for 2015-2016 is underdevelopment. The following instructions will change.

The First-time Application is meant for students who have never received the Edwards Scholarship.  If you applied previously but did not receive the scholarship, you should complete this Application again.

Submit the following documents, postmarked no later than March 15:

  • Edwards First-time Scholarship Application

Apply on-line in the Apply Here Tab or use the downloadable application form.  Please apply on-line if possible.  

  • Copy of your processed Federal Student Aid Report (SAR), all pages
  • Two letters of recommendation

Current high school students: your school can submit the counselor and teacher evaluations done for the Common Application (or other on-line service). One should be from your guidance counselor and the other from a teacher in an academic area such as math, English, science, social studies, foreign language. If your current recommendations satisfy this definition, we do not need new ones.

If recommendations do not exist already, refer to the Recommendation page on this website for a template.

If you are a college student now, submit recommendations from two professors or from a professor and a dean/academic advisor. Go to Recommendation page for more information.

  • Official Transcript

               High school students entering college in the fall: official high school transcript

               College students: official high school transcript and college transcript

              Graduate students: official undergraduate college transcript and official graduate school transcript

  • Copy of SAT, ACT, or TOEFL scores: you can submit the scores sent to you; copy does not need to be official.
  • Copy of your GED score report if you took the GED


Submit the following documents, postmarked no later than May 1:

  • Copy of your College Financial Statement for 2013-2014 showing your financial aid at the college that you plan to attend in the fall.  If your college costs are shown on a separate page, please include that page.


When you apply on-line, you will receive instructions about submitting other documents on-line.  Certain documents, however, must always be mailed: official transcripts and recommendations.


Note that the Fund reserves the right to require for federal tax transcripts and/or returns or other financial information if needed to determine financial need for the Scholarship.


To apply, go to the “Apply Here” tab on this website.




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